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What you Like About Loffy

 How Old Is Luffy   He is the head of Pirates and has properties of elastic that make him solid and capable. With a remarkable battling style and whole adaptable body Luffy is the best chief.You can see him generally in his brand name straw cap that remaining parts there constantly.   Luffy made his presentation in One Piece Chapter nobody as a little youngster who secures elastic properties after incidentally eating the otherworldly Gum-Gum Fruit, one of the purported Devil Fruits.   Luffy was brought into the world in Foosha Village to Monkey D. Mythical serpent and an obscure lady. Mythical serpent left Luffy under the watchful eye of his granddad, Monkey D. Garp, who did numerous risky things to make him more grounded, such as tossing him down a profound gorge, letting him be in the wild, and binding him to an inflatable theinfotrunk .